Adrián Espinós Ferrero

Visual Artist. Born 1985 in Spain. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

The research of Adrián Espinós Ferrero has been inspired by the transforming processes of nature and its patterns, exploring the boundaries between artificial and natural. His latest investigations are oriented towards experimental molding processes and their integration into installations. The series Growing with no name 1 is a first development of these processes, a kind of entity that has existed for many years, but it is only now that it materializes, grows and decays.

Adrián Espinós Ferrero received his MFA from Umeå Art Academy in 2019. He has had four solo shows during the last ten years in Sala Parés, Barcelona, and has also participated in various group exhibitions such as WELD, Stockholm, and Galleri Backlund, Gothenburg. In 2023 he will participate in a duo exhibition at Galleri Box, Gothenburg.


A Gentle State 17.09 – 16.10.2022