Visual artist. Born in 1981 in Gdansk, Poland. Lives and works in Malmö.

Kucharska mainly works with large-scale drawings. There is often something that obscures the view in the picture and limits the vision; be it the shadow, the fog or possibly a blind. The artist´s interest revolves around storytelling, stories that take on a new meaning. Memories, the dreariness of everyday life, dreams and sadness are words that describe her art well. The motifs are peeled off and blurred, the colours disappear and all that remains is a still image from a vague memory. The faint tone of the pencil often evokes a feeling of stepping into a fog. The atmosphere in her drawings is of great importance. The work process is slow and intuitive. Pen stroke by pen stroke, Kucharska creates the subtle nuances that have become her signature.

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Tecknat i tiden 2023.04.29 – 2023.05.28