Visual Artist. Born in 1986 in Spain. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

For Ariadna, the title of the exhibition (A Gentle State) relates to questions of protection, shelter, home, harmony, safety or well-being. Materials that are meant to build our shells and textures that hide states of imperfection transit through the gallery space, integrating the existing architectural elements into the artist’s practice.

Ariadna Mangrané works with sculpture, installation and moving image, although painting is behind most of her thinking and affects many aspects of the process. Her work seeks to explore the tipping point between reality and its representation usually in relation to the means of productivity. She is triggered by the implicit subjective relations that materials contain, and the way they communicate, translate, or how they are perceived. She received her MFA from Umeå Art Academy in 2018. Latest shows include Museu Can Framis (Barcelona), Digitaliseum, Gallery CC and Malmö Kontshall (Malmö).


A Gentle State, 2022.09.17 – 2022.10.16