Visual Artists. Both are born in 1977. They live and work in Göteborg, Sweden.

Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén have collaborated since 2005 when they studied at Umeå Academy of the Arts. Their projects touch on stories where art and society intersect and where aesthetics seem to coincide with social change. A central aspect of their work is that they often have a dialogue with other artists and educators’ work. By combining different techniques, materials, form and theory, they want to activate history and set ideas and expressions in motion once again.

In the painting series A Table of Content, thoughts are raised about the origin and purpose of artefacts and their impact on us and our environment. The paintings present a kind of still life consisting of form elements and references retrieved from The National Design Archive in Nybro. A classic still life often contains everyday objects and natural objects. Historically it has reflected the contemporary state and values. In A Table of Content, sketches of design, art and utensils are placed side by side; objects that were never realized, those that were manufactured on a small scale and those that went on to mass production.


Everyday Reflections, 2021.09.18 – 2021.10.23