Visual Artist. Born 1984 in Umeå, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö and Gothenburg, Sweden.

In his art, Bylund works with a mixture of realism and surrealism. The inspiration is often taken from his upbringing in a messy rental apartment in a million program house. Inspired by low-status objects and environments, he tries to rebel against the general perception by valuing what is perceived as ugly, giving seriousness to what is seen as silly and giving mystery to the banal: “I want to see the seriousness in a porcelain figure when it is squeezed in on an overloaded shelf. I want to see the brick facades and the beauty of the suburbs in the cold glow of the streetlights. I want to see something thought-provoking in today’s sausage stroganoff,” says the artist.

Bylund’s own words about his new works:
“In my latest series of works, I have been inspired by the porcelain figures that are often found in large quantities at most flea markets. The characters usually have excessively happy or cute facial expressions and empty eyes, which, in my opinion, unfortunately gives them a flat personality. In an effort to transform objects into subjects with soul and integrity, I have tried to give them an ambiguous look and a thoughtful facial expression.”

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