Visual artist. Born in 1975 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Through wall-based sculptures scrupulously assembled from ordinary objects and meticulously created collages, the Swedish contemporary artist Hans Egede Scherer reflects on his search for understanding socially transmitted norms and structures, such as culture, language and traditions.


The driving force behind my work is a restless desire to create art and in the process understand myself  and the world we live in. My approach is very much guided by intuition and playfullness in terms of different ideas and concepts, but also regarding the physical materiality of my works. I often choose to work with ready-mades and found printed materials (supermarket brochures, newspapers, a dictionary, the bible). Through a dedicated process of cutting, gluing, painting and reformulations, new forms emerge. I often find myself paying attention to the piece, going where it takes me by adding or subtracting layers of materials and meaning. It’s a voyage of discovery. Like travelling without a map.

Materiality and the sense of the physical presence of the piece in space is one of the most fundamental aspects of my work. I’m interested in matters that can not be sufficiently articulated in words. I’m interested in visual poetry and visual art that pushes our boundaries, our sense of perception and awareness. Ultimately my goal as an artist is to illuminate obscurity.

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A Venomous Snake Sheds Its Skin,2020.07.07 – 2020.10.11

Everyday Reflections, 2021.09.18 – 2021.10.23