Visual Artist. Born in 1974 in Växjö, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Jennie Margareta Andersson’s sculptures are built up of everyday materials whose functions and qualities are carefully examined until she succeeds in revitalizing the materials and rediscovering them in a new context. Curiosity and the desire to be surprised by the transformation of the materials is one of her greatest driving forces; a contagious desire that infects the finished works. The symbolism and the potential of the mirror glass are recurring features of her work. The reflections of the glass, the constant shift between light and darkness as well as the lure to see our image reflected, are further reinforced in combination with other materials whose properties and functions are at least as interesting. A playful approach to scales and expressions eventually invites us to a somewhat twisted reflection of what we are familiar with.


Everyday Reflections, 2021-09.18 – 2021.10.23