Visual artist. Born in Stockholm in 1979. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

A recurring theme in Maria E Harrysson’s art is the complicated relationship between Man and Nature – how we admire and romanticize this relationship as we simultaneously use and destroy it. Harrysson has responded to climate issues through her artworks for over a decade. Her drawings, objects, installations and films are a reaction to the frustration she feels over how Man treats Nature; how we cherry-pick and discard the rest, without accountability.

The distance which has arisen between secularized society and our origin is growing. We admire and romanticize nature while destroying and exploiting it. Harrysson’s primary technique can be described as quaint drawing, mainly in pencil. Forces not yet discovered, those that we ourselves have contributed to as well as uncertainty, are aspects that appeal to her.

Through phenomena of light and vapour, she seeks this volatile state, sometimes in the form of a fairy dance turning into methane gas and dissipating into the air. Something is harmful but yet tantalizingly beautiful. The reflection of oil waste on water or the mighty red sunsets caused by emissions into the atmosphere. The beauty of the harmful. Perhaps this is human humility?

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Tecknat i tiden 2023.04.29 – 2023.05.28

Future Romance, 2019.04.12 – 2019.04.30