Glass Artist. Born in 1981 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Maria Koshenkova has a Master’s degree from The Art Academy in St. Petersburg and has taken several courses in glass blowing in Scandinavia. In her works, Koshenkova combines the basic raw conditions of humanity (something that her Russian background has installed in her) with a Scandinavian aesthetic that she later adopted. The focus is on communicating powerful ideas and strong emotions. She wants to create an aesthetic experience that opens up several different interpretive possibilities.
Usually, Koshenkova develops a series of sculptures within the same conceptual framework. Characteristic of her artistic process is the genius loci (the specific atmosphere of a place.) In other words, Koshenkova’s works are often directly derived from a specific situation or geographical place. She tries to pave the way from an existing real object or phenomenon, to a new abstract and poetic form, something that has never existed before. In this way, her glass sculptures are metamorphoses of reality. Or as she herself puts it: “Through this artistic remake I strive to complement and reshape the material world I live in.”

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Represented Denmak, Danish Pavillion, Venice Biennale 2022


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