Visual Artist. Born 1985 in Köping, Sweden. Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Holm’s own words about his practice:
“My practise is probably best presented as a studio-based exploration of popular culture and contemporary philosophy. The quest for progress is rooted in painting but paved with collage and recycling themes, both materially and on an idea-based level. In the studio, I explore (via painting, collage, sculptural assemblies and a digital sketchbook project via Google Earth), paths into alternative spaces – places where events are not bound by time, the laws of physics, geometric perspectives or social constructions. I work overlapping in related series, which often culminates in time- and place-specific works. The studio production is an attempt to come to terms with the contemporary chaos by all available means.”

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<insert_title>, 18.09-17.10.2020



Sadly most of Martin Holm’s artworks were destroyed in a large fire in Gothenburg in March 2021 (news report from the Swedish Television). These three collages, however, remain available.