Visual Artist. Born 1978 in Toronto, Canada. Lives and works in Arild, Sweden.

Shahla Friberg’s faceted creations are conceived and formed through a meditative, organic process.
Beginning with a broad intention, she meticulously builds her pieces guided solely by intuition and
instinct, allowing each object to unfold and develop into whatever her hands decide. She cuts varied
pieces of glass into shards, some mirrored, others colored, ultimately connecting them to one
another at differing angles using molten solder and copper foil, similar to a traditional stained glass
technique. Imagining rigid materials, like metal and glass, finally assembled into something gracefully
fluid seems counterintuitive to the inherent properties of these materials, however, Friberg’s comfort
with her unyielding medium renders the outcome as effortless as her process.

Ultimately, Friberg’s sculptural works summon the tender yet grand and wildly powerful nature of
memory. At times by casting complex images of ourselves back at us. At other times by acting as
spectacularly colorful capsules into which one transiently projects one’s own memories. In both
cases elusiveness reigns. As we ourselves, or our surroundings, shift positions, the works change.
Hereby, much like our memories, they resist definition, and they create a worldly link to an
imaginary place which is free of this definition.

Sometimes, the imaginary is the best tool we have to describe ourselves and the world we inhabit..
Friberg is as much a part of each piece as is the person or place with which it interacts/reacts. These
objects are tangible considerations on color, texture, perception, intervention, and relationships, yet
there is no hierarchy to these aspects. Everything is equally weighed, all experiences are significant.

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Everyday Reflections, 18.9-23.10.2021