Björn Camenius

Visual artist. Born in 1987 in Västerås, Sweden. Lives and works in Gothenburg.

Björn Camenius thinks of his paintings as different places. Here he can experiment with various characters and props to see which scenes arise, all in a dreamlike mixture of impressions from everyday life, impulses and underlying moods that vibrate from what lies hidden beneath the surface. These places are in a kind of intermediate position in that they operate in the borderland between opposites. Between reality and fantasy, the planned and the random, between creative and destructive forces. On a closer observation the boundaries appear as very fluid. Camenius´ paintings can make you astonished or cause discomfort as the distortion may upset your preconceived ways of seeing. But there is also the experience of recognizing the motifs, even if a foreign element has sneaked in.

Camenius is interested in making paintings that deal with questions about human existence. Much of his work is done intuitively, where the artist is attentive to different tensions that occur and trigger him, and then he lets the image build up from there.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in 2016 from Akademin Valand in Gothenburg.


Reclaimed by Nature, 2023.03.11 – 2023.04.09