Visual artist. Born in 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey. Lives and works in Malmö since 2011.

Dila Tanrikulu may come across as an impatient and colourful character in daily life. However, when it comes to her art she embraces the virtuous traits of patience. She brings her detailed surreal paintings to completion by mixing aspects of both patience and inner rebellion. This method makes her feel a sense of spiritual fulfilment.

In her surreal paintings, Tanrikulu visually confronts and fuses her own reality with the essence of being a human being, dealing with matters that exist in the subconscious or superconscious of any person who has ever felt a sense of self-doubt. Her symbolic imagery includes a wide array of subjects such as contradiction, greed, ego, inner conflict, peace, sin, religion, faith, doubt, escapism, rebellion, passion and innocence. Furthermore, a constant search and implementation of new styles and techniques contribute significantly to the evolution of her work.

Dila Tanrikulu has a hearing disability. Hence she uses a hearing aid. Occasionally she does lipreading.

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Gags & Roses 2023.10.28 – 2023.11.26