A Venomous Snake Sheds Its Skin

Hans Egede Scherer

A digital exhibition with five new artworks by visual artist Hans Egede Scherer.


A Venomous Snake Sheds Its Skin, 2020
Chlorine, self-produced pigment, wood, textile, metal, cotton string
140 x 72 cm
26 500 SEK

X, 2020
Wood, self-produced pigment, wood glue
85 x 85 cm 17 500 SEK

Sensation, 2020
Paper on textile, wood, metal
140 x 120 cm
36 500 SEK

Precursor, 2020
Concrete, walnut, oak, self-produced pigment, aluminum
150 x 50 x 15 cm
38 500 SEK

X II, 2020
Encyclopedia, walnut, wood branch from Trondheim, color, self-produced pigment
77 x 77 cm
17 500 SEK


All works in the exhibition are available for purchase, prices including VAT.
For additional purchase information, contact us at hello@cggallery.se.

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