Jonas Silfversten Bergman

Visual artist. Born 1991 in Örebro, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö.

Jonas Silfversten paints pictures of the city and objects that exist in public spaces that may be overlooked or invisible. He is interested in how we use, move around in, and view the city. Along the same lines, he takes an interest in the abilities of painting and the possibilities to both depict and abstract. Through his paintings, Silfversten wants to highlight things that are often overlooked and open up for new ways to view the city, views not based on functionality.

The artist always works from reference images that he photographs himself.  He then processes the images using both digital and analogue means to reach a state where composition, form and abstraction play a central role. Through this process, he emphasises a theatrical and enigmatic mood and highlights the feeling of the place, rather than the actual place itself.

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Bakom fasaden (Behind the Facade) 2023.09-16 – 2023-10-15