Glass artist. Born in 1983 in Sweden. Educated at the National Glass School (Riksglasskolan) in Nybro. Winner of Ung Svensk Form 2024 (Young Swedish Form). Currently Bravo lives in Örsjö where she works as a glass artist.

Artist Statement
In my artistry, a symbiosis between beauty and something underground emerges. I am a passionate visionary who wants to push the boundaries of glass by often forcing the flowing glass forms onto various objects that are hard, colder, angular, rough and dirty. Hereby I want the glossy glass with all its “bling” to sway and take its place.

My way of working with my art is like a performance in the present. Everything happens here and now!When the “score” is ready and communicated, the music is turned on at full volume with a rebellious and punk spirit. I carry with me a sense of freedom and a rawness from the punk scene community into the glass realm.

As a woman of my height, I have never been able to hide. Instead, I’ve embraced the punk within me since childhood by having a high Mohawk hairstyle until I was so tall I couldn’t get off the bus standing upright. It was a strategy for me to dare to take my place, feel the right to it and own it: a statement that has followed along into my artistry.

With my exhalation and a firm grip, I proudly and confidently release works that have impressions from the outside world. Each object becomes a story that is yours to interpret, it can be individual or an interplay between the different works.

I am extremely happy that I followed my gut feeling and carried on without hesitation. Because just like my glass, I have found my place and I am here to stay.

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Good Vibrations 2024.03.16 – 2024.04.14