Amanda Monceau

Visual Artist. Born in 1987. Lives and works in Lund, Sweden.

Monceau about her works:
“In my work I question bodily ideals that transforms the identity of the self into an objectification of the body. Turning this bodily focus into an absurdity, I want to blur the line between subject and object by putting internal organs on display. Since organs are the body’s recognizable structures that perform specific functions, they represent the great similarity between bodies.

The core of my art is the political and psychological aspect of the body ideals and how these ideals can be expressed in both form and material. This concept can also be described as an examination of self-contempt, that I find by molding the disgusting and the beautiful into a melting pot that is the interior of the human body. My focus is always the tactile, both during the creation process and in the finished works.”

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Marrow, 2022.04.30 – 2022.05.29