Everyday Reflections


CG Gallery returns to Kronborgsvägen where we hosted an opening exactly one year ago. This time around we invite you to the group exhibition Everyday Reflections. After all it is said that we may soon enough return to “normal everyday life” when the restrictions are lifted.

Four artists and an artist duo are participating in the exhibition. Six artists in total. Five women and one man. Nothing is particularly normal. Here, everyday life is a source of creativity.
The artists all relate to the facets of everyday life, albeit in different ways:

The artefacts that surround us. The more or less indispensible objects that reveal who we are or who we aspire to be.The daily encounter with our reflection. The projections. A surreptitious glance.The habitual chores. Or the urge to deviate from the routine in an attempt to create something less ordinary, more memorable. Readymades. Found materials of little value that are transformed into something unique. The fragments that compose the whole.

But above all the free associations – those that can bring about a sense of everyday magic.

Participating artists

Åsa Norberg & Jennie Sundén
Hans Egede Scherer
Ia Neumüller
Jennie Margareta Andersson
Shahla K. Friberg

Kronborgsvägen 8, Malmö, Sweden

Opening hours

Fridays 13-18.00
Saturdays 13-16.00
Sundays 13-16.00

And by appointment:

Dimensions: 37 x 42 cm (15,5 liters)


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