With Max Walter Svanberg, Sofia von Schwerin and Leif Holmstrand

The exhibition Transformation allows three Malmö artists to meet: Max Walter Svanberg (1912-1994), Leif Holmstrand (1972-) and Sofia von Schwerin (1974-). The idea of presenting this particular constellation came about in connection with the discovery of a number of reproduced lithographs by the late Svanberg. We decided to revitalize Svanberg by juxtaposing his (once radical) art with two contemporary artists who also explore corporeality. The result is an exhibition where Svanberg’s lithographs act as a starting point for Holmstrand’s and von Schwerin’s different relations to the female body.

(The litographs by Max Walter Svanberg are also for sale. Price on request.)

Opening hours
Wednesday-Friday 13-18
Saturday 13-16
and by appointment

CG Gallery, Jöns Filsgatan 2, Malmö

The exhibition runs until May 29, 2021.

We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations.

Dimensions: 37 x 42 cm (15,5 liters)


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