Current exhibition:

Return to Continue


Even nomads can appreciate comfort. Hence CG Gallery will remain in the premises on Kronborgsvägen the rest of 2020, the year we saw countless plans and aspirations crumble. With Return To Continue, we come back to some of the artists we have had the privilege of collaborating with from the outset. Consequently the space accommodates a selection of artworks that we have previously exhibited in various contexts.

At the same time, we want to look ahead and embrace continuity by introducing a series of paintings by a new and promising artist, Grälls Johan Kvarnström, who is currently in his third year at Malmö Art Academy.

The show must go on! We round off an unpredictable year with a hybrid between a showroom and an exhibition.

Participating artists:

Anna Ting Möller (SE), Bergthor Morthens (IS/SE), Emanuel Bylund (SE), Grälls Johan Kvarnström (SE), Hans Egede Scherer (SE), Jonathan “Ollio” Josefsson (SE), Magnus Bärtås (SE), Mari Sjövall Anari (SE), Maria Koshenkova (RU/DK), Martha Ossowska Persson (SE), Martin Holm (SE), Matias Di Carlo (AR/ES) and Rebecka Larsdotter (SE).

Kronborgsvägen 8B, Malmö

Opening hours:
Thursday – Friday 1-6 pm
Saturday – Sunday  1-4 pm
And by appointment