Current exhibition:

Emanuel Bylund, Martin Holm, Maria Koshenkova, Rebecka Larsdotter and Martha Ossowska Persson


CG Gallery proudly presents <insert_title>, a five-person exhibition bringing together artists working in five different artistic techniques: Malmö-based artist Emanuel Bylund is showing brand new photorealistic acrylic paintings of porcelain statuettes, which are accompanied by a series of ceramic ‘Oracle’ figurines. Martin Holm, an artist from Gothenburg, is presenting brand new mind captivating collages while fellow Gothenburg-based artist, Martha Ossowska Persson, is participating with pure positivity expressed in semi-transparent watercolour paintings. Rydal-based artist Rebecka Larsdotter contributes with exquisite porcelain wall-pieces and Copenhagen-based Russian glass artist Maria Koshenkova is exhibiting her remarkable sculptures and wall-pieces.

Kronborgsvägen 8B, Malmö

Opening hours:
Wed, Thur, Fri            12-5 pm
Sat                            11-4 pm
And by appointment

All works in the exhibition are available for purchase. See respective artist page for more details:

Current online exhibition:

A Venomous Snake Sheds Its Skin

A digital exhibition with five new artworks by visual artist Hans Egede Scherer