Ceramic Artist. Born in 1985 in Sävsjö, Sweden. Lives and works in Höör, Sweden.

Rebacka Larsdotter works with material-based art in ceramics and porcelain. Dedicated to the material that can survive thousands of years or break in a second, the artist is fascinated about the process when clay transforms from flowing mud into rock hard shard.

Larsdotter often works in porcelain with a variety of glazes and colours. The surface gets processed with brushstrokes, dots or colouring fragments. The artist´s abstract artworks can be seen as an inner landscape where she “paints with clay”. Random encounters are connected with direct correlation while forming compositions.

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MÅLERA, 2024.04.27 – 2024.06.02
<insert_title>, 2020.09.18 – 2020.10.17