Visual Artist. Born in 1974 in Skarhult, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Artist Stetement
In my art I want to communicate the feeling of
My work is erotic and personal.
It is both a personal response, throughout acknowledging my own sexuality and the
search for acceptance and understanding.

It is also an everlasting unanimous sensation of trying to shoulder the everyday
meeting with other people’s opinion of me, and then the disappointment, I think
they find in me. I am brought up to mirror myself in their perception, and what I
perceive as their disappointment, like in a poem, must become my own. This is what I want to be apparent in my work, by making the viewer uncomfortable, through out the experience of my personal pain.

The paintings are expressions of skin and body mass in different stages of existence, anatomical puzzle pieces. The process of creating my own mythology with different degrees of anchoring is a way for me to find acceptance and understanding of my own body.
My ideas are about the relationship in the stages of physical and mental
development of womanhood. It’s the thin line between pleasure and pain, attraction
and repulsion and body and mind and how this is revealed through the body and
how that then becomes private and intimate

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Transformation, 2021.04.17 – 2021.05.29