Textile artist. Born in 1988, in Chon buri, Thailand. Lives and works in Gothenburg.

Wichayaporn Khaouluang is inspired by painting in her embroidery. Mainly expressive and energetic painting. She attempts to transfer that energy to her embroidery. Here she finds an interesting contrast between the slow process of embroidery and the explosiveness of expressive painting. Embroidery has a rewarding meditative process where she slowly builds up the image, stitch by stitch. There is also a continuous search for yarn with the right texture, thickness and colour. During her working process, she follows intuitive impulses where she relies totally on the dialogue with the yarn. Khaoluang wants to accomplish a particular dynamic that makes the image more exciting, with unexpected elements.

Education: Västerås Art School 2009-2011.


Reclaimed by Nature 23.03.11 – 23.04.09