Visual artist. Born in 1985 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö.

In recent years, Niki Cervin´s artictic focus has gravitated towards one of the fundamental tools
in painting – the brush. She has been working with typical artist brushes as well as floor varnish
brushes to eventually crafting her own. The journey has unveiled a complexity far beyond her initial

The gestural brushstroke serves as a raw and unfiltered indexical sign of another person.
It’s an intimate trace of imperfection and vulnerability, like an open wound never ready to
heal. However, as the width of the brushstroke increases, the trace of humaness seems to
evaporate, transforming the stroke into a semblance of digital or mechanized imagery. This shift in
perception underscores the brushstroke’s capacity to fracture our perception from the intimacy of
human connection to something remote and unattainable.

The evolution of the brushstroke – from an intimate marker of human presence to a digital
abstraction – prompts reflection on the evolving nature of our connections in an increasingly
digitized world. It challenges us to reconsider the boundaries between the tangible and the virtual,
inviting contemplation on the complexities of human interaction and the shifting landscapes of
perception in the digital age. In this exploration, the brushstroke becomes not just a mark on
canvas, but a symbol of the intricate interplay between humanity, technology, and the ever-
changing essence of human connection.

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MÅLERA 2024.04.27 – 2024.06.02